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Auteur: Dr. D.P. Noordhoek
Volledige titel: Trusting Associations. A Surgent Approach to Quality Initiatives in Associations
Nummer: Universiteit Tilburg
Meer d>n Nu Uitgeverij, april 2019



This thesis is about what may happen in an association – like that of the public libraries, the notaries and real estate agents – when external circumstances like a financial crises or digitization, lead to an internal crisis. Many reactions are possible, but the most common reaction is a demand for action, mostly in the shape of a quality initiative, to ‘do better’, to improve. In any case, something needs to be done or improved. More specifically, the issue of quality needs to be addressed. But in what way and how? This uncertainty, in combination with the internal demand for action by members and board, can very well lead to issues of trust. How to address these issues of trust in associations and how to use quality initiatives in this respect, is the problem that is central to this thesis.


Citaat:   “The art of associations then becomes, as I have said before, the mother of action, studied and applied by all.”

  • Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America